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Judging & Scoring

It is important to us that judging is fair, unbiased, professional and very transparent. Judges will be trained and certified prior to the show.  Competitors will go through comparison rounds of quarter turns and may be moved around in order on stage. Each category will be scored and competitors will receive points on a scale from 1-10 based on: 

  • Muscularity- Foundation of muscle with complements the division requirements (will vary by division) 

  • Conditioning- Leanness of the athlete (will vary by division)

  • Symmetry/Balancehow symmetrical the body is

  • Posing- correct style

  • Presentation- Overall presentation, suit choice/fit, hair, and makeup etc...

  • Individual model "I" walk 

Point Structure and Qualifications

9 - 10 = Exceptional

7- 8 = Good

5 - 6 = Average

3 - 4 = Under Average

1 - 2 = Poor

Each judge can offer up to 60 points, with four judges, a perfect score is 240 points.

An athlete in Open or Masters class must earn 180 points to achieve a professional qualification, no matter how many competitors in the class. 

An athlete that does not meet division standards may receive point deductions or disqualification may be imposed.

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