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Register for a show
Select a show & Registration Status

*1 registration entry fee is required per event.

*You can add additional classes. Category crossovers are allowed.

*Registration fee includes show entry, 1 category and drug testing fee.

*Late fee schedule:

*12 weeks out: +$50

-8 weeks out: +$75

-4 weeks out: +$100

-3 weeks out: Registration closes

*ALL REGISTRATIONS ARE FINAL. No refunds, no cancellations, no transfers, no postponing shows.

**Show dates are subject to change. If there is a date or venue change, your registration will be transferred but refunds are not available.

Physique League of America Natural Bodybuilding competitions are drug free events. When registering for a PLA show, you understand and agree to the leagues Rules/regulations and terms/conditions. Click on the links to read futher:

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