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-Masters 40+, Open, Professional, Pro Masters


Two-piece suit (cannot wear the same suit for bikini crossover) to showcase physique, 

clear heels (4 inch min), wings and accessories.



Magical presentation of a toned and fit physique.


Angel athletes should display

Muscular foundation which gives shape to the body

Full round glutes with slight separation between glute and hamstring 

Small amount of delt roundness

Conditioned Core

Mandatory Poses During Comparisons


Left Side 


Right Side


Individual Routine - “I” WALK

Front pose in center backstage, 

walk from back to front center. 

At front center stage showcase front, side, 

and back pose, return to front, acknowledge and exit

Women's Angels

  • All registrations are final. No refunds, no cancellations, no postponing shows. 

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