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CLASSES-Novice, Masters 40+, Grand Masters 50+, Open, Professional, Pro Masters REQUIREMENTSTwo-piece competition suit (rhinestones optional), clear heels (4 inch min) and accessories. Judges must be able to always see your number IDEAL BODYConditioned, toned and full physique Bikini athletes should displayMuscular foundation which gives shape to the bodyFull round glutes with slight separation between glute and hamstring Small amount of delt roundnessConditioned Core Mandatory Poses During ComparisonsFrontLeft Side Back Right Side Individual Routine - “I” WALKFront pose in center backstage, walk from back to front center. At front center stage showcase front, side, and back pose, return to front, acknowledge and exit Bikini athletes should NOT displayHand flipped out to the sidePhysique like figureSquared glutesMuscle separation GraininessStriations anywhere

Women's Bikini

  • All registrations are final. No refunds, no cancellations, no postponing shows. 

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